Spells in the Duelz Slot

Spells give you advantages over your opponent in the unique Duelz slot where you compete against other players for prizes and glory. You earn spells by competing in duels or you can purchase them in the in-game store.

To cast a spell you will need to first have at least one of the chosen spell in your inventory and you must also have a certain amount of mana. Mana is gained, simply by spinning. One spin gives you one mana up to the maximum of 20 mana. There is also a cooldown when you cast a spell so you can’t just empty all your mana at once in a hail of spells.

It’s not all that complicated, let’s take a look at the spells.


20 Mana

Completely dodge the next 5 hits your opponent is about to deal.

Use this when you anticipate getting hit hard. It is perfect for countering your opponent’s Strength, Rage and Fury spells as you will avoid all their extra damage. Keep in mind you can still be hit by spells like Poison and Lightning.


15 Mana

Only take 50% damage for the next minute.

Unlike Dodge, this spell reduces damage from all sources. That means spells like Poison and Lightning are halved in addition to normal hits. This can be very frustrating for you opponent when they are trying to close out the game. The downside of that is that it can force you into a very defensive situation where you can’t afford to let the shield go down or risk losing. This spell is a good counter to Illusion because it does mitigate spell damage.


8 Mana

Deal 2 times damage for 1 minute.

This is the cheapest hit damage increase spell in the game but it can still be devastating if you hit big. It is a very cheap way of doing damage but you are reliant on hitting those wins. If you’re unlucky this spell can do absolutely nothing. Use this spell to put on a little extra pressure while still keeping enough mana saved to be able to react to your opponent, either offensively or defensively.


11 Mana

Freeze your own HP level for 30 seconds.

This spell requires a bit more thought than most others because it only lasts 30 seconds and is a bit more expensive than the previous spells. While your HP is frozen you won’t take any damage at all. This can be great to counter some of the more devastating spells or at the end of a close match. If you’re ahead with 30 seconds on the clock, freezing and healing yourself will almost certainly win you the duel.


9 Mana

Freeze your own HP level for 30 seconds.

This is a stronger version of the Strength spell. While slightly more expensive it is still one of the cheapest spells in the game and it is 50% more effective than Strength making it the better option in most cases even though it lasts fifteen seconds less. Just like Strength, it requires you to hit your opponent so there is a chance it won’t do anything at all if they use Dodge or if you’re simply unlucky and you have a slightly smaller window to get your hits in.


10 Mana

Deal 4 times more damage over 30 seconds

This is the strongest damage increase spell in the game. It’s twice as effective as Strength for only two more mana but it only lasts 30 seconds. You will need to get those hits in quick. If you have some of these they are almost always the best option for damage increase no matter what your overall strategy is. As with Strength and Rage, you need to hit your opponent so don’t use this while they have Dodge active or if you’re not willing to spin a few spins.


16 Mana

Revenge with your opponent’s last damage

This is the spell to use if your opponent scores a big hit. It will instantly hit him back for just as much as you got hit for. This can prevent momentum swings or flat out win you the duel if your opponent is low. When you use this spell, you need to be very aware that it is the last hit your opponent made. Therefore might need to be very fast or miss your opportunity as hits can come in pretty quickly.


11 Mana

Poison your opponent for 12,000 HP over 2 minutes

This is a significant amount of damage but it requires two full minutes for the full effect. This is a good amount of damage but over a long time. Make sure the game does not end before the full effect (unless you win of course).


12 Mana

Heal yourself with 15,000 HP over 60 seconds

This is the standard healing spell in Duelz, it heals you over time so if you’re afraid of dying in the next hit or so it may be too slow. Heal can be used in conjunction with Immunity at the end of the game to ensure victory in an even duel. Healing is the strongest defensive spell when you’re facing a passive opponent who doesn’t spin much while he is ahead because all other defensive spells require your opponent to hit you with spells or normal hits.


8 Mana

Zap 7,500 HP off your opponent

Instantly dealing damage can be Extremely powerful. Lightning is best used as a finisher when your opponent is low on life. Early in the game Poison is a better damage dealer because there is little risk of the game ending before it has full effect. Very strong in together with Illusion for a quick finish.


13 Mana

Absorb 6,000 HP from opponent in 60 seconds

This spell absorbs health from your foe over time acting as both damage and healing over time. This spell falls somewhere in between Healing and Poison, it is weaker than both but has both effects at once for only marginally more mana. With only five spells available in every duel this versatile spell finds a place in both aggressive and defensive strategies.


9 Mana

Cut your opponents HP down to 25% for 30 seconds and finish him off quickly

This is probably the hardest spell to use effectively in a Duel. It instantly sets your opponents HP to 25% but after 30 seconds any losses this caused are reverted back. This means for this to be effective you will need to end the game during those 30 seconds or casting this wil have been for nothing. Ideally you set yourself up before you cast this, max out your mana so you can cast as much and as fast as possible once Illusion lands. Make sure your opponent doesn’t have any defensive spells up before you cast this or you’ll likely end up wasting the mana for the spell.


12 Mana

You are immune from your opponents damage for 30 seconds

Very similar to Freeze but allows healing. You can use this along with Heal or Absorb to actually increase your health while being immune to damage which sets it apart from Freeze.


13 Mana

Mirrors back any damage the opponent deals for the next 30 seconds

This is the most devastating way you can counter your opponents damage increase spells. His hits will hurt him as well as you. A skilled player can counter this by not spinning or playing Freeze or Immune. That said using this right after seeing your opponent using one of the damage increasing spells can be devastating. People who aren’t really paying attention can lose quickly to this spell.


12 Mana

About to die? Rise from the dead with 15,000 HP

This might seem hard to use but it’s actyally pretty straight forward. Cast this and when you recieve fatal damage you will revive with 15,000 HP. You can cast this at any time but it won’t do anything until you receive, otherwise, fatal damage. This can seem incredibly strong but keep in mind you’re more or less betting on yourself to “lose” the match. It instantly heals as much as Healing when you’d otherwise die but Healing can be cast anytime. You can, of course, run both Healing and Revive to become annoyingly hard to defeat. At the very end of a close duel where you have less than 15,000 HP it is worth it to stop using defensive spells if you’re confident your opponent will actually trigger Revive.

Dragon Fire

14 Mana

Sear 15,000 HP off your opponent

Twice as much damage as lightning for slightly less than twice the price. This is a lot of damage from one spell. Together with illusion this can be straight up game ending. The combo Illusion, Dragon Fire and/or Lightning is something every player must look out for as it can easily kill you no matter how far ahead you were before those spells are cast.